Before policy:
Introducing to local situation / consulting / advising best way to handle claims
Bespoke claims handling scheme creation and pre-arrangement before coverage inception
During insurance policy:
Outsourcing all aspects of policy & claims administration.
Policy administration:
Premium collection
Keeping Members enrollment up to date.
Issuing documents / certificates / member cards
Full services of Claims handling on behalf of Underwriters:
24/7 assistance, multilingual services (English, Russian, local languages)
Visiting accident location / scene
Appointing experts for: Confirming cause of the damage, damage assessment, loss evaluation, damage liquidation/repair
Claim adjusting, documentation, reporting (bordereaux) to standards of Lloyd’s of London or individual requests
Claim file, documents and all info available for review online via our IT system
Negotiation of settlements of covered claims within agreed authority
Pursue all possibilities of recovery on behalf of Underwriters
Payments of insurance settlements
Medical Agent Services – Guide to the best doctors / medical specialists in Baltics
Quickest access to best services and rates for our clients within our network – contracted all major health services providers
State Social Health Insurance system experts
24/7 assistance, multilingual services (English, Russian, local languages)
Services outsourcing
Administration of agreed services on behalf of the client, with VIP treatment towards members
Payments & fees collection
Tax & legal consultations regarding services for members